About Us

We understand the importance of the front license plate. From time to time, front license plates help solve crimes and save lives through vehicle identification. In fact, this small badge has a significant impact on law enforcement around the country. However, many car owners (including ourselves) hate the front license plate because they feel it harms the aesthetic beauty of their adored vehicle.

That is why we have started Sly Brackets LLC. A company dedicates to provide an alternative solution to the car owners which allows them to safely attach the front license plate to the front bumper (as required by the Front License Plate Law) while maintaining the aesthetic look of the vehicle that they love.

The past two years have been a challenge for us. After Sly Brackets’ (for Toyota Tacoma only) success. More and more car lovers were contacting us to seek brackets that can save their vehicles from front bumper drilling and help them avoid getting tickets from police officers. To design a true no-drill bracket that will fit most of the vehicles on the market and as easy to install as Sly Brackets is our motivation. We put in all our passion and determination, design and redesign, test and re-test. Finally after two years hard work, we invented BOZZmounts. BOZZmounts are as versatile as possible and as simple as possible for anyone to install.

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